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Comprehensive Network Solutions is excited to announce that we were awarded by CIOREVIEW for the “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers in 2020″.CNS Award 2020


Best of Bethesda Award 2019Comprehensive Network Solutions was awarded by Bethesda Magazine for the “Best Information Technology 2019″.


Bethesda_Business Hall of Fame Award-2017-Comprehensive Network SolutionsComprehensive Network Solutions is thrilled and very proud to announce that CNS was awarded the “Business Hall of Fame” for Information Technology, Best in Bethesda.

Well, it’s finally here and ready to use.  Based on my experience working with all of you in the past decade or so, I have noticed, having a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool that serves multiple purposes is becoming increasingly invaluable; and I dare say a necessity for any dental office that has a vision towards the future.

Comprehensive Network Solutions new software www.CareCollab.net  will fill that need and then some.  CareCollab cuts cost and saves time by keeping many web based communication and collaboration tools in one easy to use software; it becomes a single platform for you to communicate and collaborate with other doctors, your patients, dental labs, and even your attorneys if necessary.

Here is a little intro on our product:

CareCollab is a dental communication software, a product of Comprehensive Network Solutions an award winning company based in Bethesda, Maryland, established in 2002.

CareCollab Software is a progressive and secure collaboration software with a patent pending architecture that enables dental professionals to create and share patient cases via a live secure file sharing and live video streaming conference room.  The software gives dental professionals an effective collaborative patient management tool resulting in patient and business management efficiency.

CareCollab is an educational and presentation tool for dental professionals, dental labs, faculty and students and can also be utilized for remote case presentations to potential dental patients.

Collaboration Highlights

  • Easily create patient folders
  • Create a patient case
  • Upload images from your imaging software directly
  • Upload its respective documents from your computer
  • Send invitation to referral doctors to collaborate and present in our online conference room
  • Present your case to your potential patients’ remotely; therefore increasing patient treatment acceptance & maximizing office efficiency
  • Hold presentations up to 4 people via our webcam conference room
  • Transfer files between dental practice and dental labs to facilitate laboratory procedures easily and securely (up to 1 GB with our Premium Package)
  • Easily record all online sessions to your computer for future references
  • Live screen sharing capabilities
  • Free Support
  • No contract

I am very proud of what this software can accomplish for you and your practice. I invite all of you to give it a try at www.CareCollab.net.

{Please update your Java from www.Java.com and use Internet Explorer to get the full benefit and functionality of our software}