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As your IT partner we are able to design hardware and software solutions to meet your business goals, by providing a service that not only gets you the best products for your business, but can also manage solution builds, upgrades, hardware updates and technology roll outs. Providing solutions to improve your business performance.

We offer unbiased advice on what tools will best suit your business with the benefit of our knowledge gained from years of working in medical and dental industry.


Through our direct connection with key technology vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, etc… and Specialized companies such as Kodak, Benco, etc… our expertise spans the specification of manufacturers’ Software ranges. The result is a solution for your specific needs which also safeguards your crucial data.

Whether you are looking at upgrading your software infrastructure, or just purchasing new software for your office, Comprehensive Network Solutions’ knowledge and expertise with the products and the overall healthcare practices, allows us to find the right solution that will work seamlessly for your office.


You and your office need the best tools for the job, and the technology that is reliable, ensures total connectivity and provides access to crucial data and information. But it’s not only that – do you have the time, energy or proclivity to understand what vendors offer and what best suits your business needs?
As your IT partner, CNS is able to design hardware solutions to meet your business goals. We provide a service that not only gets you the best products for your business, on time, as promised and for the best price, but can also manage solution builds, upgrades, desktop refreshes and technology roll outs.

We offer impartial advice on what tools will best suit your business, with the benefit of our knowledge gained from years of dealing with Healthcare industry.

Monthly Maintenance

Prevention will cost your practice much less money and headaches than repair and emergency calls.
Your network contains both mechanical and electronic components that are extremely delicate and sensitive, adding a user to this mix will make your network more in need of regular care.

Our Comprehensive maintenance plan will cover:

  • Routine IT check-ups, monthly, scheduled at your convenience.
  • Immediate on-site services when needed.
  • User awareness training on System, application and technology usage.
  • Aggressive monthly network testing with report (security and hacker proofing and data backup testing).

By implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan designed specifically for the current size of your office, you can avoid many problems ahead.

The Monthly Maintenance Report and check list form can be filled out on line and printed or download and email.
Monthly Maintenance Report and check list form

Website and Graphic Services

Our in-house graphic design team will create the ideal, attractive, up-to-date, responsive and user friendly website for your practice or office. Click on this link for more information.

If it’s a logo and a complete identity package you are seeking, great… we are here to help you achieve that perfect package to suit your needs.

Digestible thoughts that can be understood quickly by the audience along with the right use of navigation, images, and the negative space is the key to a successful website.
Magnify your professional image and add style to your site. The right graphics and images can make all the difference to a website, we will create a user friendly WordPress site and create the perfect graphics that will make your site rise above the rest with that extra oomph.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important and highly recommended; if you can not be found during search on the internet, then it won’t matter how perfect your website looks, we can help direct your website through to be found easier on all major search engines.

For questions on graphic design and websites please email Natalie at: nb@cns-it.com.

Get your WordPress website which is completely responsive on all devices; contact us for a free consultation today.

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